Confessions of a Loch Ness Monster Hunter

Alasdair Peoples ·July 24, 2023Reading time: 5 minutes

Loch Ness is world famous for sightings of a mysterious monster. Witnesses have described a creature with a long neck and large body coming up for air. While the search for ‘Nessie’ has so far been inconclusive, visitors are still fascinated by Loch Ness. One of our writers shares this interest and wants to know more by exploring the area. 

Confessions of a Loch Ness Monster Hunter

A Nessie hunter looking through binoculars

© VisitScotland/Tessa Minshull

The Perfect Highland Escape

Confessions of a Loch Ness Monster Hunter

Watch out for Nessie!

© VisitScotland/Tessa Minshull

Tracking the Loch Ness Monster

The Caledonian Canal

© VisitScotland / Airborne Lens

Points of Interest

Nessie-hunting isn’t all about catching a glimpse of the monster. It’s important to enjoy your surroundings and chill out on your holiday. Why not ditch the car and travel by boot, boat and bike around Loch Ness? Here are some places you could go. 

What you will need

Confessions of a Loch Ness Monster Hunter

The Loch Ness Monster

© VisitScotland/Tessa Minshull

Can we really find the Loch Ness Monster?

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