The Scottish History That Inspired Outlander

One of the most successful novels of recent times to depict the Highlands is Outlander and its subsequent sequels. Set largely in 18th century Scotland, this enormously successful series has sold upwards of 20 million copies worldwide. Unashamedly romantic, the love story at the heart of Outlander proves that old school chivalry still appeals to a modern audience. Now a hit TV show, this epic saga also traces the political upheaval from the Jacobite Risings all the way through to the American Revolution. 

To get you up to speed on some of the historical events that inspired the books, here’s a brief history lesson.

Claire and Jamie

Who were the Jacobites?

Sometimes romanticised, the Jacobite Risings were marked by divisive battles where many lives were lost. Despite the bloodshed, inspiring tales and characters have endured, such as Bonnie Prince Charlie, who also appears in Outlander

Who was Bonnie Prince Charlie?

Prince Charles Edward Stuart, also known as ‘the Young Pretender’ was the grandson of King James VII. Raised in exile in Rome, his desire for military success and belief in his family’s right to the throne led him to plan an invasion of England. 

What happened at the Battle of Culloden?

Visiting Culloden is a moving experience. Headstones mark the graves of hundreds of clansmen who gave their lives and an eerie silence often falls across Drumossie Moor. 

Doune Castle

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Learn more about Outlander in Scotland

Fans of Outlander have been visiting historical sites mentioned in the novels since they were first published, but the television series has seen Outlander filming locations enjoy record visitor numbers. Below are some useful links to find out more and plan your own journey. 

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