Discover Your Ancestry

Welcome home.

A journey through the land of your ancestors is one of the most enriching and life-affirming experiences you can have. To follow in the footsteps of your forebears, pay tribute to obstacles they faced, the strides they made, and share in their culture, is not just to gain a deeper understanding of who they were and the land they came from, but of the person you are.

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens

© VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

Scottish Ancestry

Danses traditionnelles aux Jeux des Highlands de Ballater, Aberdeenshire

© VisitScotland / David N Anderson

Be Immersed in the Culture & Land of your Scottish Ancestors

It's easy to research your Scottish roots online with comprehensive records and archives - but you need to visit Scotland to truly experience the country of your ancestry.

Le groupe écossais The Snuts en concert à la Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow

© VisitScotland / Luigi Di Pasquale

Get Socialising at a Scottish Event

Which Season is best for your ancestral journey?

When ancestral voices call you, the desire to visit Scotland is impossible to ignore. The trickiest part is deciding what time of year to visit. It’s no secret that Scotland looks marvellous year-round, but read on to find out about the natural spectacles, activities and exciting events each has in store and choose the perfect season for your holiday. 

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