Glen Nevis Youth Hostel

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Bunkhouses and Hostels in Scotland

Hostels offer good value accommodation, great scenery and the chance to meet fellow travellers. Learn everything there is to know about hostels in Scotland, including all the benefits plus recommendations for families, pet-friendly, city centre breaks, and hidden gem hostels. See below for all of the hostels in Scotland, and read on for more information.

What is a hostel and why should I go hostelling?

7 things you need to know about hostelling in Scotland

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness city-centre hostels

A city-centre hostel is a great base to get to know a new city and to meet new people.

Dog-friendly hostel recommendations

These hostels offer some extras for your pet, so you can bring the whole family on holiday!

Loch Ossian Youth Hostel

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Cool hidden-gem hostel ideas

Looking to get off the beaten track and try somewhere new? These hidden-gem hostels are perfect.

Cairngorm Lodge Youth Hostel

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Family-friendly hostels

Hostelling is a great budget-friendly option for families. Think safe, clean and affordable accommodation with self-catering facilities for cooking, and local knowledge available from friendly staff.

What's new and how has hostelling changed?

Port Charlotte Youth Hostel, Islay

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8 hostels with great things to do nearby

Looking for ideas on activities and attractions? These hostels all have exciting things to do nearby.

Advice on booking a hostel

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