Loch Ness & Highlands Tour

Elena Pederiva ·november 02, 2023Leestijd: 8 minuten

Guided tours are perhaps one of the best ways to have an up-close and unique encounter with the history and landscapes around you. That’s why I took a tour up through some of the most spectacular scenery of Scotland, from unspoilt nature to unforgettable glens and lochs. What better way to explore a country than on an organised tour with an experienced guide? 

Loch Ness

© VisitScotland/Kenny Lam

Come with me to the Scottish Highlands

River Lochy en Ben Nevis

© VisitScotland / Airborne Lens

Unspoilt landscapes of the Highlands

A cruise boat on Loch Ness

Een cruiseboot rond Loch Ness

© VisitScotland/Kenny Lam

Scotland's most famous loch

From North to South

Return to Edinburgh

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