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Nevis Range Gondola The Gondola is CLOSED for 23rd and 24th of May. We are planning to be OPEN on 25th of May. Please check updates before you travel. Bike Tracks Bike uplift is CLOSED. World Cup is now CLOSED until 25th May. World Cup - CLOSED Top Chief - CLOSED Blue Doon - CLOSED World Cup Downhill Track - closed from 7th - 24th May 4X - closed from 11th - 24th May Top Chief and Blue Doon - closed from 19th - 24th May All of the trails will reopen on 25th May. Weather Forecast Monday 23rd May Today is forecasted to be a wee bit wetter! Temperatures will be rising towards 7C degrees. Today is going to be light rain throughout the day. The wind direction is Westerly with speeds expected from 10-18mph. News from the Hill We have quite a few events coming up over the coming months: 18th June: 10 Under the Ben 2022 An endurance race like no other. Enter as an individual or as a team and take on 10 hours of riding, 10 miles with 400m of climbing within each loop! Entries are open, check out the events section on our website for more info. Facilities The Pinemarten café at the base station is closed on 23rd and 24th of May. At the top station there are two beautiful viewpoint walks, along with the Snowgoose café also serving homemade food, cakes and drinks. The lower Witches trails mountain bike tracks are also open all year round with miles of cycling trails for every ability.


Aktuelles Wetter WEATHER TOP STATION (650m) Light rain throughout the day. WIND AND TEMP 650m: WNW 10-18mph, 6c

Wettervorhersage Monday 23rd May: Light rain throughout the day. Windspeed and temp at 650m: WNW 10-14mph, 6c

Status der Lifte

  • GondolaClosed
  • Rope TowClosed
  • Linnhe/Lochy ButtonClosed
  • Alpha ButtonClosed
  • Quad ChairClosed
  • Goose T-BarClosed
  • Summit ButtonClosed
  • Great Glen ChairClosed
  • Rob Roy T-BarClosed
  • Bunny HopperClosed

Status der Pisten

  • Leicht
  • Mittel
  • Schwierig
  • Sehr schwierig
  • Itineraires
  • SpectreClosed
  • SpiderClosed
  • Summit RunClosed
  • Side WinderClosed
  • Cats AlleyClosed
  • Inside EdgeClosed
  • Duncans DropClosed
  • Goose GullyClosed
  • LinkClosed
  • Far WestClosed
  • The FairwayClosed
  • Easy RiderClosed
  • Allt SnechdaClosed
  • Alpha TraverseClosed
  • Home RunClosed
  • YockiesClosed
  • Rabbit RunClosed
  • GlaistigClosed
  • AbhronClosed
  • Rope Tow RunClosed
  • Cotton TailClosed
  • Bunny HopClosed
  • Rob RoyClosed
  • Rob Roy's ReturnClosed
  • ChancerClosed
  • Back TrackClosed
  • Yellow BellyClosed
  • Winger WallClosed

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