Glamping holiday accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes.

Opt to stay in a teepee for that traditional close-to-nature camping experience. If you're more into your home comforts, then wigwams in Scotland are your best bet.

Whichever you decide, you'll have fun in Scotland's many beautiful nature spots.

Teepee Tents in Scotland

Teepee tents are often handcrafted, with natural wooden poles, pegs and cotton canvas covers. They're also known as tipi, kata and lavvu, and have a rich history among Native American and Sami populations.

These pre-pitched traditional tents are based more closely on the Native American designs - taller in height than the Sami Lavvu (or Kata).

Teepees are environmentally-friendly accommodation. With a low environmental impact, allowing you to appreciate Scottish nature at its most authentic. Book a teepee holiday and enjoy a unique experience in Scotland's great outdoors.

Wigwams in Scotland

In traditional Native American cultures, a wigwam is a domed-shaped dwelling. The wigwams in Scotland today are closer to a cosy timber cabin. Built for the 21st century, these wigwams in Scotland are fully insulated and have a basic sleeping space alongside our modern essentials - including the kitchen sink!

Escape to the country and spend a romantic weekend getaway or enjoy a memorable short break with the family in one of these wigwam glamping sites. Relax surrounded by Scotland's stunning nature or get cosy in your cabin after a day spent exploring.

What to Expect

Tipis and wigwams, and the facilities that they come with, vary between sites, but here are a few examples of what you might expect to find:

  • Tipis with spacious and bright interiors filled with colourful Afghan rugs and cosy sheepskins.
  • Some models of tipi have a vent at the top meaning that campfires can be lit within the tipi itself.
  • Wigwams with clever, functional design to maximise space. Top-of-the-range models come with electrical sockets, kitchenettes, TVs and more.
  • Self-catering kitchen essentials, such as cooking utensils, plates and cutlery.
  • Luxury wigwams and teepees - some accommodation will have hot tubs and ensuite bathroom facilities, and some hosts might offer special hampers, breakfasts and BBQ packs filled with local produce.
  • Pet and dog friendly – teepees and wigwams are often a great option if you want to explore Scotland with a furry friend.