Queen's Park, Glasgow

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Image: Queen's Park, Glasgow


The city of Glasgow is located on the banks of the River Clyde, in West Central Scotland. Renowned for its striking architecture, contemporary art spaces, fascinating museums, and home to some of the UK’s best music venues, it’s one of the most exciting cities you’ll ever come across.

Map of Glasgow

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How to Travel to and around Glasgow

Getting to Glasgow

Bus and coach

There are national coach operators who provide regular and affordable services to the city daily.




Getting around Glasgow


You can also cover a lot of ground on foot - despite being Scotland's largest city, Glasgow is surprisingly easy to get around.

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Accessible travel

Bus and coach

A tip from your local expert

The Burrell Collection

© Glasgow Life / Paul Watt Photography

The Burrell Collection is a must-see when visiting Glasgow. Amassed by Sir William Burrell, this extensive collection includes works by Rodin & Cézanne as well as ancient artefacts. They also have excellent activities for children.


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