Peebles and the River Tweed, Scottish Borders


You will soon discover that gorgeous little towns on the banks of the River Tweed are a common thing in the glorious Scottish Borders. Why not start with Peebles?

Only a short distance from Edinburgh, it is certainly no ordinary town with its spectacular scenery, shopping, cafés, events and outdoors activities to keep you entertained all year long. You wouldn't be the first to feel inspired by the artsy town, with many notable residents including John Buchan, the Scottish novelist, choosing to make their home here.

Map of Peebles

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How to get to Peebles

Getting to Peebles

Bus and coach

You can catch the bus from Edinburgh city centre to Peebles, which takes an hour and is a lovely scenic drive.

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Getting around Peebles


Peebles is fairly small town so everything is within walking distance.

Discover Peebles on foot

Bus and coach

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Kailzie Gardens

Enjoy watching the changing seasons, from snowdrops in spring to the changing autumn leaves at Kailzie Botanical Gardens. Don't forget to check out the ospreys!


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