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The science of food and drink

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Diners explore the science behind their food

Diners explore the science behind their food

is a paradise for lovers of food and drink, and this April the Edinburgh International Science Festival (5 – 20 April) invites you to explore the flavour of the city in unusual and memorable ways.

GastroFest is a brand new mini-festival of food and drink taking place during the 2014 Science Festival, offering visitors the chance to explore the importance of science in our everyday lives with some truly delicious events.

With the Commonwealth Games and Homecoming 2014 celebrations bringing an international flavour to Scotland this year, the Science Festival presents Feast of the Commonwealth at popular Edinburgh attraction Our Dynamic Earth. This unique gala dinner is a celebratory, science-infused feast, marking ‘100 days to the Games’. The evening will bring together scientists and chefs as they share culinary science stories from across the Commonwealth, including a specially designed three course menu and an internationally-inspired producers’ market.

Farmers’ markets are a great way to explore local produce and GastroFest’s version adds a scientific twist. SciMart, an all-day drop-in event at multi-arts venue Summerhall, brings together food producers, researchers and chefs to reveal the fascinating science behind some of our favourite foodstuffs in a packed menu of cookery demonstrations, talks and tasty treats.

And GastroFest will not only tickle your tastebuds but quench you thirst too! If cocktails are your thing, discover how light and colour stimulate our senses at the GastroLab RGB Cocktail Party, or see how scientific techniques can create unexpected flavours and textures at Molecular Mastery.

Drinkers uncover the secrets of their food and drink

Drinkers uncover the secrets of their food and drink

If whisky is more up your street then A Perfect Match: Marrying Malts and Molecules will explore food and whisky combinations over canapés and a dram; or try Pub Science, a scientific take on what makes the uniquely British pub experience. And, if you’re worried about the morning after the night before then fear not, The Hangover Hypothesis will help you sort the mythical cures from the ones that really work.

GastroFest is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival that takes place all over Edinburgh from 5-20 April 2014. Download the full brochure from the festival website.