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Unique art installation makes waves on Loch Earn

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© Rob Mulholland 2013

The mirrored figures of ‘The Four Seasons’ capture the changing reflections of the tide and natural light

If you happen to be at the Four Seasons Hotel at St Fillans this month and find yourself doing a double-take at what appear to be glimmering spectral figures emerging from the shallow banks of Loch Earn, rest assured, you’ve not been imagining things.

Commissioned by the luxury hotel, internationally acclaimed artist, sculptor and photographer Rob Mulholland has created an art installation of four mirrored sculptures entitled ‘The Four Seasons’ – consisting of two male and two female forms – erected along the foreshore of Loch Earn by the hotel’s jetty. If you take a walk along the pebbled beach, the figures constantly change, reflecting the rippling water, the shingle on the beach, and the ever-unpredictable Scottish weather. The figures can evoke a myriad of shifting moods and thoughts depending on the time of day they are viewed. Why not pay a visit to the Four Seasons Hotel for afternoon tea or dinner, and discover the dramatic contrast between witnessing the scene in the bright glare of the mid day sun, and then in the evening when the figures are bathed in soft moonlight?

© Rob Mulholland

Visitors and guests to the hotel can walk along the beach to take in this atmospheric outdoor artwork © Rob Mulholland 2013

The work, which is on display until October, not only encourages visitors to take the time to contemplate the natural environment that surrounds them, but also speaks to the human desire to reach out to the past. According to Rob the figures convey:

‘A mood of anticipation, as if the figures are awaiting the return of others sent on a distant passage. It refers to a sense of homecoming, returning and re-connecting to our ancestral roots.’

With 2013 being the Year of Natural Scotland and the Year of Homecoming Scotland 2014 fast approaching, the work can be seen as a timely and thought-provoking meditation on Scotland’s outstandingly beautiful and diverse natural environment, and our fascination with uncovering our genealogical heritage.

If ‘The Four Seasons’ has left you feeling inspired, check out the other great arts and culture attractions in Perthshire, its unforgettable beauty spots and natural landmarks, and how to get started exploring your ancestral connections.

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© Rob Mulholland 2013

The title of ‘The Four Seasons’ refers to the passage of time and the natural cycle of the seasons which are reflected in the figures



  • This is exactly the sort of interesting and quirky installation that you can find near a luxury hotel. I imagine it would be a beautiful place to stay, the views look stunning.

  • Hi Karen,

    Loch Earn definitely ranks among the most breathtaking and serene locations in Scotland. A perfect place to enjoy some quiet contemplation. Find out more about staying at The Four Seasons Hotel, St Fillans and learn about other stunning beauty spots in Perthshire

    Thanks for reading!

  • Aris Paulino Blanco

    it’s amazing how the lack of originality (or missing creative act) push certain artists today to cannibalize liberally from the works of contemporary artists of only a few previous decade! And ‘the case of Mulholland who shamelessly clones the mirror figures of Pietro Gallina (we speak of the’ 70s) who previsualized all that now seems a novelty. Needless to say that such behavior is not covered in the bona fides (in the Internet age is inexcusable ignorance, and just let google search), but the malice of “do not mess” is a big temptation. That said, it was enough that the scottish artisa would put as a premise that his works were “inspired” or at least derived from those of Gallina to avoid the doubt … of plagiarism.

  • Bill Kasman

    My wife and I passed this way on 29th July, 2017 and there appeared to be one of these figures still in place.

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