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10 wonderful watersports to try this summer

Are you in search of a new summer challenge, or planning an action-packed outdoor holiday? Try out a new watersport, and you may end up hooked for life! Here in Scotland, we’ve got plenty of different options to choose from, spanning the gentle to the extreme to the ever so slighty unusual…



Photo by Paul Tomkins /VisitScotland

This is a high-octane sport combining skill, windpower, strength and a love for speed. Everyone can learn, whether you’d simply like to fly the kite or if you’d rather attempt some advanced wave jumping. Scotland’s coasts are a mecca for the sport, in particular, the Isle of Tiree.


What We Do in the Shadows
Photo by @notnixon via Flickr | Creative Commons

With some of the best waves in Europe and huge swells from the North Sea and Atlantic, Scotland is blessed with some truly epic surf. Catch waves off the northern coast of Thurso, or learn to pop-up at Belhaven Bay in East Lothian, a safe place to polish your wave-riding skills.


Jules WakeboardingPhoto by Chris Hoyle via Flickr | Creative Commons

No waves? No problem! If you haven’t already, this summer is the perfect time to wake up to wakeboarding. An activity which involves blasting along the water’s surface behind a speed boat, the wake from the boat is where this exhilarating sport gets its name.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

having fun on the water 01Photo by byronv2 via Flickr | Creative Commons

One of the trendiest paddle sports of the moment (even Kim Kardashian is a fan), this ingenious sport originates from the beaches of Hawaii and is also known as ‘Beach Boy Surfing’. Explore the lengths and breadths of our calm lochs or coasts and take in the views as you go.


Sailing forth bridge

Photo by Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland

Do you know your port from your starboard? If not, learning to sail in Scotland is an idyllic summer activity, with sailing schools located across the country. Master the basics on calm lochs or set sail for a nautical adventure out at sea.


Photo by gbsngrhm via Flickr | Creative Commons

Since the 1960’s, this thrilling combination of surfing and sailing has become one of the most popular watersports in the world. Here in Scotland, we play host some of the top freestyle professionals at the Tiree Wave Classic, where the beach becomes a blur of colourful butterfly-like sails.

Canyoning and coasteering


Photo by Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland

If you enjoy scrambling, cliff jumping or leaping into waterfalls, chances are you will relish the chance to do some canyoning or coasteering. Soar over rocky edges into flowing springs and rivers, or explore secretive coves, inlets and coastlines. Feel the invigorating force of the water as you are transported downstream.

River bugging and funyakking

River bugging

Photo by Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland

These are the latest new watersports to make a splash in Scottish waters. Sit inside your river bug, an armchair-like one man raft, and recline down waterfalls. Funyakkers can go in a two-person version, a similar experience to white-water rafting.



Photo by Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland

Discover your paddling prowess with a spot of peaceful canoeing or sea kayaking. Take in the sights at your own pace during this chilled-out mode of transportation.

Swim with sharks

Fotos Aquari BCN

Photo © Deep Sea World, Scotland’s National Aquarium

At Deep Sea World in Fife, you can come face-to-face with seven huge sand tiger sharks. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, divers and non-divers can bravely plunge into the aquarium’s shark tank and meet the many marine creatures.

Have you tried a weird or wacky watersport recently? Let us know in the comments below or share you pictures with us on social media. Don’t forget to check out our watersports pages for more information.



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