Learn a bit More About Louise

Louise, Newton Farm Holiday Park

OK, next so a bit of history about us then. We have a very organic development. We are a traditional working family farm and I married my husband in 1997. At the time I was only involved with the paperwork side of the business whilst I was in full time employment. I left my job in 2003 after having twins very prematurely and since then have become more involved with the farm. Firstly, I started offering farmhouse B&B in 2006 (my parents had a B&B in the town of Forfar and had overspill during the Glamis Extravaganza). This then led to us converting one cottage into self-catering in 2009 when it became available.

As more visitors became interested in the farm we realised there was a marketing opportunity to link all the businesses together. Firstly, we rehomed some animals to in 2012/13 - alpacas, a micropig and goats to add interest for guests during their stay as our sheep and cattle could be in far off fields. Then finally came the farm tours, experiences and alpaca walking. This launched in 2017 (and) I am particularly proud of all this as it’s all been my idea and effort in making it work. My husband really just wants to get on with the farming side and I have a huge passion for the animals and customer care so sharing our family’s life has been really special and very unique. 

Hopefully this has given you an insight into our business. Visitors are always shocked by how much work we have to do and that we don't have staff, just Graeme and I with a little help from our twins sometimes. This year we have taken on an apprentice as I am passionate also about educating and helping to develop the young workforce. We are also dog friendly for our farm tours and accommodation which for a farm with livestock is pretty rare as most don’t normally allow dogs. The only experience limited to dogs is the alpaca walking as by their very nature they will chase dogs.

Our farm really is a great place to visit as it’s so unique and authentic. We are not corporate; your experience is with ourselves the farming family (normally me) so I can answer everything as it’s our life. Every experience is unique as you never know what is going to happen on the farm day to day. We also have many friendly named animals so it’s such a unique experience to have sheep running to see people and not away and then there’s the highland cows, alpacas, goats, and Lucy the micropig who came from a flat in Dundee. It’s all about their life and our life and how we interact but still remain as a working family farm. It’s all about educating visitors about where their food comes from and promoting animal welfare and the reality of farming and what we face day to day both good and bad (but mainly good).

Another fact about me is I'm on 8 committees including charities, local sports organisations, tourism bodies, etc. I'm very passionate about supporting the community where I can. To escape the farm, I started playing rugby 2 years ago at 45! We really struggle to escape the farm however; we are planning a trip to the Island of Muck later this year as my son leaves on Monday to go there for a 1-year college placement in gamekeeping. Very exciting times ahead and I'm really looking forward to this. We don't leave Angus much as it has such a diverse geography and you can experience so much in such a small area from beaches to the glens, forests to farmland, towns and city. If we do we actually enjoy going to Edinburgh but not when its busy as we don’t like crowds. To be honest anywhere we can enjoy a couple of nights off with good local food is my idea of enjoyment.