This is the most romantic country in the world. Is that a bold statement? Well, if you spend a day walking together by a mist-covered loch, then savour a sumptuous meal of the very best quality local fare and curl up for the evening by a roaring fire with a warming dram of single malt, then we're sure you'll agree.

Escape together on a romantic break to Scotland and you'll discover mountains, glens and beaches that will thrill your hearts. Our seas, fields and forests are natural larders for the very best delicacies. You can stay all by yourselves in a cottage on the very edge of nowhere or be waited on with every luxury at your fingertips in the grandest of grand hotels.

Or head for our cities and share the thrill of buzzing bars, Michelin-starred restaurants and intriguing art galleries. You can shop till you flop into your boutique hotel bed, then create some more memories the next day. Together.