13 Stunning Pub Walks in Scotland

Hayley Wilkins ·juni 21, 2023Leestijd: 10 minuten

These 13 pub walks suggest great walking routes in Scotland, plus a local pub or restaurant to relax in nearby. All the pubs and restaurants included have a range of special features to offer, including a real local welcome, high quality food, live music, log fires, local beer, vast whisky collections and more.

Het interieur, bar van The Drovers Inn and pub

© The Drovers Inn

The Short Walks: 1 - 3 hours

Get to know the local area on a beautifully scenic short walk. These four will give you lots to chat about afterwards.

Half-Day Walks: 3 - 5 hours

Have an adventure and immerse yourself in countryside on a longer walk. These four are guaranteed to work up your appetite.

Full-day Walks: 5+ hours

Up for an epic challenge? These four strenuous walks will test all your skills, knowledge and endurance, but they also offer big rewards, including a massive sense of achievement.

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