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Red Deer - Scotland's largest surviving native wild land mammal


Scottish Wildlife - See Animals in Scotland

Isn't the natural world bloomin' marvellous? We think so!

Whether you want to hear the cheerful chirp of a dawn chorus, see a graceful soaring white-tailed sea eagle, or sail alongside playful dolphins, there are incredible opportunities to get up close and personal with the wildest of our residents.

Scotland's landscapes are home to an incredible array of wildlife that you can find in all nooks, crannies and corners of the country. Our two National Parks; Cairngorms and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs, boast magnificent habitats that allow you to see these elusive creatures up close.

Wild Animals to Spot in Scotland

There is an abundance of wildlife species you can spot across Scotland in a range of natural habitats. Here are just a few to keep your eyes peeled for:


These hardy little birds are one of the many bird species you are bound to come across on your travels around Scotland.

Where: Isle of Mull, Isle of Staffa, Shetland, Orkney, the islands of the Firth of Forth and the Isle of May.

When: The best time to spot these colourful birds is in the spring months of March - May.

Red Deer

One of the most iconic animals associated with Scotland, the red deer is the UK's largest land mammal and can be spotted in almost every region in the country.

Where: Isle of Arran, Isle of Jura, Lochaber, Torridon, Cairngorms National Park, and Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

When: Red deer are best spotted during the autumn months of September - November.


Grey seals are very common inhabitants you can see off the coastlines of Scotland. Keep your eyes peeled in the autumn months to see if you can spot fluffy grey seal pups too!

Where: All across Scotland, but in particular the Moray Firth, Firth of Tay, Ythan Estuary and the Isle of May.

When: Grey seals are best spotted during the autumn months of September - November.

Red Squirrel

Much smaller than their grey cousins, the fluffy red squirrel is an elusive addition to Scotland's forests and woodlands. Make sure you keep quiet as go on the lookout for these gorgeous little mammals.

Where: Highlands, Glenmore National Nature Reserve, Galloway Forest Park, Perthshire, Devilla Forest Red Squirrel Trail.

When: Best spotted in the winter months of December - January when their vibrant reddish coats will stand out against the snow.

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Wildlife tours

One of the best ways to see creatures in their natural habitat is to head out with the experts on a wildlife tour. Take a boat trip, head off-road in a 4x4 on a wildlife safari, or make a break of it on a wildlife holiday. You can even go on a nocturnal tour and see wildlife under the cloak of night using high-tech thermal and night-vision equipment!

Wildlife events & festivals

Discover the creatures that inhabit our beautiful landscapes at one of the many wildlife events or festivals.

There are fascinating regular and seasonal events, such as bat walks with forest rangers or identifying creatures in rock pools, plus incredible festivals.

Celebrate the wonders of the natural world during the Wild Seasons Festivals in Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders, or the Orkney Nature Festival.

Explore the wilds of Scotland and share your animal snaps using #scottishwildlife and #visitscotland!