There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the long open road. Steer through miles of open Scottish scenery or rumble along the coastline as you embark upon a road trip to remember. Campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland is a great way to experience travelling around the country. Or why not try caravan hire in picturesque, secluded spots that will make for an unforgettable trip. 

Before you set off in your motorhome or caravan, make sure you brush up on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, as well as finding out you how you can be as responsible and as eco-friendly as possible while you travel around Scotland - find out more with CaMPA.

Pick the perfect motorhome

The right wheels can turn an ordinary journey into an epic adventure. Campervans and motorhomes are terms used for camping vehicles with a motor, usually in the form of a van that has a bed and kitchen installed in the back. Motorhomes tend to be larger than campers, with more features and space. Caravans are slightly different; the vehicle is separate and must be towed behind a car.

Is it your ultimate ambition in life to drive a VW campervan? You can hire one in several locations for excellent rates and equally, if you’d rather take an off-road motorhome for a spin, you’ll find there is a whole raft of Scottish companies which offer a variety of quality vehicles to choose from. 

There are many makes, models and styles of motorhomes out there. Read up on what makes a good motorhome to ensure you get the one that's right for you. 


Already got your own campervan or motorhome?

Perhaps this isn’t your first time. A touring veteran will already know that the best thing about travelling by campervan or motorhome is that it provides you with the freedom, flexibility and sense of adventure to explore all of Scotland, including the hidden spots.

The perfect place to pitch up is never far away, with caravan parks and campsites to suit all budgets and interests. In most cases, your pitch will provide you with access to water and electricity, and the site will have washing and shower facilities, toilets, WiFi and sometimes an on-site restaurant or pub.

Please read these guidelines for responsible camping in your campervan or motorhome.

Experience Scotland's scenic driving routes 

Why not start your adventure along one of Scotland’s National Tourist Routes? These 12 routes are gateways from the main trunk roads and motorways to some of Scotland’s most incredible landscapes. Or why not explore Scotland’s stunning Highlands and islands?

There’s also Scotland’s newest route, the North Coast 500, Scotland’s answer to Route 66. This 500 mile coastal route spans the north coast of the Highlands taking in the best bits of this glorious region.