Fancy getting off the beaten track? If you don't mind sacrificing the usual day-to-day comforts and conveniences and want to explore the areas of Scotland that very few visit, then wild camping is for you. It's a great way to discover remote parts of our stunning landscapes and get close to nature. Plus, the experience definitely comes with a great feeling of adventure!

Read The Scottish Outdoor Access Code

If you're planning a wild camping trip, be sure to familiarise yourself with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. It's not complicated - basically, campers should follow a policy of 'leave-no-trace'.

Here are some top points to follow:

  • Avoid overcrowding by moving on to another location if it's already a busy spot.
  • Wherever possible, use a stove rather than an open fire. Never light an open fire during dry periods or in sensitive places like forests or peaty ground.
  • Take away your rubbish and consider picking up other litter as well.
  • If in doubt, ask the landowner. Their advice just might help you find a better camping spot.

Wild camping Skye Fairy Pools

What else should I know?

As part of Scotland's access legislation, the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, you are allowed to camp on most unenclosed land.

However, due to overuse, East Loch Lomond is subject to wild camping byelaws.

Don't forget...

Across the length and breadth of Scotland there are some really fantastic camping parks in stunning locations, from beachside crofts to wooded areas lined with ancient pines. By pitching up at a proper campsite, it means that our natural environments and their often fragile ecosystems remain intact. As we like to say, considerate campers are happy campers!

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