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12 Stunning Photos of Scotland in Spring

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When spring rolls into Scotland, the season beats back the winter blues and brings something magical to our lives. Green spaces are suddenly blazing with colourful flowers and trees in bloom, the hills and mountains look stunningly beautiful and sounds of wildlife start to fill the air again. Close your eyes and you can almost smell the fresh spring air…

1. The Meadows, Edinburgh

Cherry blossom trees in The Meadows, Edinburgh

Now it wouldn’t be spring without some magical blossom! The Meadows is a popular spot for students, families and tourists alike to wander its blossom tree-lined paths and walkways in spring and summer. Add in a warm picnic in the park and you’ve got yourself a lovely, relaxing afternoon in Scotland’s capital city.

2. Dunure Castle, South Ayrshire

What a shot! With the weather warming up Scotland’s outdoors, see as landscapes come to life with lush greenery, blooming plants and flowers, and tall, majestic trees coming into full leaf in every corner of the country. There are hundreds of unique, fascinating and ancient castles across Scotland that come to life in springtime.

3. North Berwick, East Lothian

A day at the beach? Yes please! Sun, sandcastles and ice cream – the perfect way to spend a Scottish spring day and also kick off your summer activities. Scotland’s beaches provide a great day out for the whole family, pets included, with golden sands, crisp sea water and miles of shoreline to explore. Scotland is home to hundreds of beaches, bays and harbours so there’s plenty to choose from and explore when the time is right.

4. Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

Another beautiful city gem! Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park is famed for its connections to artist, designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, whose iconic art is prevalent throughout the city. Located in the city centre, next to neighbouring Pollock Country Park, it’s a perfect spot of greenery to relax, soak up the sun, tuck into a picnic and escape the city without having to travel too far.

Explore more parks and gardens.

5. Leadhills, South Lanarkshire

Aside from warmer weather and blooming flowers, spring also brings longer days and lighter nights, meaning it’s a great time of the year to witness an incredible sunset or two! If you get a clear night make sure you keep a look out your window or back garden for a wonderful menagerie of colours filling the sky – in springtime, the sun usually sets around 8pm. Another way to experience a Scottish sunset is from a good vantage point – head up a local hill or open space and you’ll be able to see the entirety of the sunset across the sky.

6. Perthshire

Nothing quite beats breathing in the fresh countryside air filled with the gorgeous scent of flowers and blossom from nearby fields and woodland. Spring is a great time to get the family out and about to explore Scotland’s thriving nature and landscapes. If you don’t fancy a walk, why not take the bikes for a spin along a forest trail?

7. Westburn Park, Aberdeen

You’re not the only ones who love to get outdoors. Scotland is home to hundreds of pet-friendly locations, accommodation, and cafés that will be more than happy to welcome you and your pooch – as long as its well-behaved.

Although lots of places openly welcome dogs, springtime is also the time of year when lovely lambs are born in many fields and farmland across Scotland. Please make sure you keep your dog on a lead if you are near farms or fields, to be sure not to disturb any livestock or wildlife that you come across.

8. Wildlife

Speaking of lambs… spring is the time of year when wildlife flourishes and emerges from hibernation – lambs, cattle, bees, birds, you name it. Scotland is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, though some you’ll have to look harder for than others, but across the country you can see these magnificent creatures blooming in their natural habitats. How many can you spot?

9. Inverness, Highlands

The Highlands are magical at any time of year, but adding in a spring element gives the area something truly special. Witnessing wildlife, the spellbinding landscapes and a sunset as mesmerising as this one, will really take your breath away. The Highlands are also the perfect place if you want to get back in touch with nature and escape the busy bustle of city life.

10. Lochgoilhead

Why not watch the landscape around you bloom and grow as you take a peaceful lochside stroll? Scotland is home to over 30,000 freshwater lochs, ranging from natural formed corries in the valleys of the Cairngorms , Duddingston Loch in the iconic capital city, to quaint little lochs on the islands. Simply put, you can find them wherever you go. Keep your eyes peeled for small fish and tadpoles in the shallow shores and listen out for the twitterring of birds in the trees around you as you head out on a wander.

11. Kingussie

We all know Scotland’s weather has a mind of its own and some days you can experience all four seasons in one. Did you know it’s not uncommon to see snow-capped peaks in the Highlands as late as May? Although it may just be a light covering on the highest mountains, it still creates a uniquely Scottish atmosphere to the outdoor experience.

12. Edinburgh Castle

With the colours of spring popping up across Scotland, our attractions and locations often come alive in their own ways too. Castles, buildings and attractions show their true colours and characters with the warm sun bouncing off their ancient structures and inviting you in to uncover their fascinating history.

This is just a taste of what Scotland has to offer in spring, but we hope it has inspired you to get outdoors and explore the country for yourself when it is safe again. Why not share your spring experiences on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter?

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