Dundee has a variety of hotels for you to stay in on your holiday - with more new hotels sure to be available over the next few years as the city grows and develops, and sees the opening of the fantastic V&A Dundee, opening 15 September 2018. 

You can stay:

  • In a new, contemporary hotel or in an older traditional building.
  • With views out on the waterfront, onto the city centre, or across quiet countryside.
  • And enjoy facilities such as an award-winning restaurant on-site, or relax with a swimming pool and spa.

Hotels in Dundee include:

  • City centre hotels.
  • Waterfront hotels.
  • Contemporary hotels.
  • Boutique hotels.
  • Charming, smaller hotels.

All of the hotels are within easy reach of the city centre making it easy for you to enjoy local attractions.