Última actualización: 17:00 19/02/2018

Hora estimada de apertura

Informe completo de las condiciones de la nieve

we have good cover of snow, some thining areas at the bottom of the eagle, tows opening this morning will be eagle, grouse, chair, carpets and the kestrel, we will get some bigger one open in the afternoon.

Condiciones climatológicas

Tiempo actual current weather not so nice, misty bringing drizzle with it. light wind from the west. roads open in both directions

Previsión meteorológica Forecast for Monday. Light rain throughout the day. light wind from the south west veering west in the afternoon

Estado del telesilla

  • BuzzardClosed
  • Eagle 1Open
  • Eagle 2Closed
  • FalconExpected to Open
  • GrouseOpen
  • HarrierClosed
  • KestrelOpen
  • Magic CarpetOpen
  • OspreyClosed
  • Penguin Park Expected to Open
  • Rail Park AreaOpen
  • Robin SunkidOpen
  • Snow Owl ChairliftOpen

Noticias de las pistas

Massive thanks to everyone who has been involved (too many to mention) in making the lecht winter games happen, it's been a fantastic weekend and we hope you have all enjoyed yourselves.