Welcome to Tour Guide Tales, an exciting new podcast where you'll hear Scotland's amazing stories from the people who know them best - the country's captivating tour guides.

Join our host Grant Stott to hear expert guides and born storytellers recount their enthralling tales and personal experiences. In each podcast, a tour guide from a different region will share their stories, bringing out the eclectic and often incredibly rich history found only in Scotland from those who know and tell it best.

The first podcast covers Edinburgh and The Lothians, with Mary's Meanders tours, revealing some of the incredible real-life tales behind locations used in the Outlander series. Future episodes explore the secrets of Glasgow Central Station, Orkney's Neolithic sites and our incredible coasts and waters with the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine.

Episode 1 - Outlander Filming Locations with Mary's Meanders

Ever wanted to know the real history behind Outlander's iconic filming locations? In our first episode of Tour Guide Tales, Grant speaks to Emma Chalmers and Anne Daly from Mary's Meanders. Their tour takes fans of the hit TV show, Outlander to some of the show's most famous places. Tune in to hear about the real Scottish history of these incredible sites, and the amazing stories connected to them.

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Episode 2 - Wallace Monument

In our second edition of Tour Guide Tales, we hear the tale of the Guardian of Scotland, Sir William Wallace. Speaking to Ken Thomson of the National Wallace Monument, Grant finds out the story behind one of Scotland's most iconic attractions, as well as the national heroes, both old and new, it seeks to commemorate.

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Episode 3 - Blair Castle

In this episode, Grant speaks to Mo Tracey from Blair Castle. From royal kidnappings and Queen Victoria's private army to Scotland's final siege, we hear all about how this fairytale castle has been a fascinating place of interest over the last eight hundred years, and why its history is such a draw for people from all over the world - including some rather famous names.

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