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Your promise to Scotland
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Scotland's Responsible Tourism Promise

Let's keep Scotland special.

Now and for generations to come. Whether Scotland is your home or your destination, it's all of ours to care for.

So let's all make just a few simple commitments that will help make sure Scotland remains beautiful and unique for everyone to enjoy.

Join us to #RespectProtectEnjoy Scotland.

Read the responsible tourism promise in Gaelic.

When I explore Scotland,

I promise to care for Scotland's nature. I will…

  • Not disturb the incredible wildlife that has roamed this epic land for centuries.
  • Tread lightly to protect their habitats.
  • Be considerate to farmland and livestock.
  • Keep my dog on a lead when needed. 
  • Take my litter home with me. 
  • Take only photos and leave only footprints.
  • Observe the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

I promise to care for Scotland's communities. I will…

  • Slow down, and savour every moment of what there is to see, do and learn.
  • Shop local to enjoy the best products and support Scottish makers and businesses.
  • Respect the locals and their resources.
  • "Fàilte" (embrace) and respect the Gaelic language. 
  • Sample the delicious, seasonal foods available all across Scotland.
  • Seek out and respect the rich and diverse cultures that are found throughout Scotland. 
  • Avoid crowded places and come back when it's less busy.
  • Take care when exploring the great outdoors, and bring and wear the right equipment.
  • Check ahead to see if there is access or parking.
  • Park my vehicle safely and responsibly.
  • Follow physical distancing guidance and wear my mask as required.

I promise to care for Scotland and the world's tomorrow. I will…

  • Leave the car when I can and walk, cycle, paddle or use public transport instead.
  • Hire an electric vehicle where possible and take advantage of the many charge points that are now available across Scotland.
  • Check the green credentials of all of the businesses I use to travel, stay and explore.
  • Enjoy the pure waters that run from the tap, not single-use bottles.
  • Switch off the lights and look up at the stars.

Thank you for promising to keep Scotland special by exploring this incredible country responsibly.

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The promise I'm making...

"As a farmer I am fortunate that my office is Scotland's stunning countryside. Over 70% of Scotland is farmland. Our family have been caring for the environment and landscapes on our farm for generations. We will continue to look after nature in the same way we care for our livestock and food crops and we will continue to welcome responsible visitors to our farm to enjoy what we experience every day. That's my promise."

Caroline Millar, Go Rural