Laatste keer bijgewerkt: 17:46 18/03/2019

Verwacht te openen

Sneeuwcondities volledig rapport

For Tuesday we will have Cairnwell Chair, Cairnwell T-Bar accessing the blue and red runs, Butcharts Access, Carnaosda, Butcharts T-Bar, Claybokie, Plastic, Dink Dink, Rope Tow, and Baddoch chair. Sunnyside should also run. Monday has been great under conditions with great snow and no wind – best day of the season so far. Hopefully Tuesday can be a repeat although the weather is warming up a bit.


Huidige weersomstandigheden Overcast

Weersvoorspelling The forecast for Tuesday is for high cloud again with light south westerly wind and a temperature of 2 to 3c.


  • Cairnwell ChairliftExpected to Open
  • Claybokie PomaExpected to Open
  • Cairnwell T-barExpected to Open
  • Butcharts Access PomaExpected to Open
  • Butcharts T-barExpected to Open
  • Carn Aosda T-barExpected to Open
  • Dink Dink PomaExpected to Open
  • Plastic Slope PomaExpected to Open
  • Baddoch ChairliftExpected to Open
  • Sunnyside Poma 1Expected to Open
  • Sunnyside Poma 2Closed
  • Sunnyside ChairliftClosed
  • Cluny Poma 1Closed
  • Cluny Poma 2Closed
  • Tom Dearg PomaClosed
  • Beag PomaClosed
  • Caenlochan PomaClosed
  • Meall Odhar T-barClosed
  • Meall Odhar PomaClosed
  • Coire Flonn Poma 1Closed
  • Coire Flonn Poma 2Closed
  • Glas Maol PomaClosed

Nieuws van de pistes

Op dit moment is er geen informatie beschikbaar. Kom a.u.b. later terug.