We'd love to be able to say that you can take to the slopes of our snowsports centres at any point in the year*, but truth be told, it really is essential to check the snow conditions before planning a skiing or snowboarding trip. Firstly, you'll need to check that there's suitable snow coverage and also ensure that runs are not affected by high winds or severe weather conditions, then it's well worth checking road reports before you set off to ensure your chosen centre is accessible.

Find detailed information for each snowsports centre below, such as up-to-date snow reports with information supplied by the centres themselves, webcam images, weather forecasts, lift and road statuses and the latest news from Scotland's slopes.

*Although, technically, you can! Snow Factor near Glasgow is a real snow indoor centre, with fresh snow blown indoors 364 days a year. Scotland's ski resorts aren't just for winter activities too - in the summer, many of the centres offer walking, tours and even mountain biking!