Last Updated: 08:56 21/03/2019

Expected to Open
On Hold

Snow Conditions Full Report

It is pretty dreich on the hill today with poor visibility above mid station.
The very mild overnight temperatures, along with rain showers have severely impacted the snowcover on the hill. We are working on patching the Sunkid area and the Coire Cas, however a short walk is required to access the Sunkid. The Car Park T Bar is now closed

The Storehouse Café located in the Daylodge above the Mountain Shop opens daily at 09.00-16.30 serving breakfast, lunch, homemade tray bakes, snacks, hot and cold drinks.

The Mountain Shop is also serving hot and cold drinks and snacks

Cairngorm Team


Current Weather Westerly winds of 20 mph - Drizzle and a temperature of +8 at base level.

Weather Forecast Winds West South Westerly 20 to 30 mph light rain and drizzle. Temperature +6C at the base station.

Lift Status

  • Snowbadger Trainer Rope TowClosed
  • Car Park T-BarClosed
  • Fiacaill Ridge PomaClosed
  • Day Lodge PomaClosed
  • Sunkid TowExpected to Open
  • Coire Cas T-barExpected to Open
  • M1 PomaClosed
  • Ptarmigan T-BarClosed
  • Corie Na Ciste T-barClosed
  • Polar Express Trainer LiftClosed
  • West Wall PomaClosed
  • FunicularClosed

Run Status

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Difficult
  • Very Difficult
  • Itineraires
  • Snowbadger Learning AreaClosed
  • Car Park RunClosed
  • Car Park ShredClosed
  • Cottams WayClosed
  • BurnsideClosed
  • The SlotClosed
  • SheilingExpected to Open
  • Home RoadClosed
  • Ridge RunClosed
  • Side SlopeClosed
  • Fiacaill RunClosed
  • Zig ZagsExpected to Open
  • Gun BarrelClosed
  • Upper CasExpected to Open
  • 105Closed
  • M1Closed
  • White LadyClosed
  • Fiacaill TraverseClosed
  • TraverseClosed
  • Ptarmigan BowlClosed
  • Ciste BowlClosed
  • Ciste FairwayClosed
  • M2Closed
  • Ciste GullyClosed
  • West WallClosed
  • Aonach BowlClosed
  • BynackClosed
  • RyvoanClosed
  • Over YonderClosed
  • No 1 GullyClosed
  • No 2 GullyClosed
  • Day Lodge RunClosed

News from the slopes

The funicular railway is currently closed.