Last Updated: 23:00 26/02/2020

Expected to Open
Limited Patrol

Snow Conditions Full Report

Gondola Uplift Gondola is open from 9.30am. Snow conditions We are expecting to have Rope Tow, Linnhe, Alpha, Goose T-bar and Quad Chair running tomorrow. Snow showers are forecast with very mild breeze throughout for tomorrow. Due to snowing ion last couple of days mountain is filling in nicely. Some more snow is expected throughout tonight. Rope Tow run, Bunny Hop, Yockies, Alpha, Home Run, Alpha Traverse, Rabbit Run are groomed and ready for some great skiing. Glaistig run is skiable but thin in places, caution is advised. Upper slopes has got a bit of fresh snow since this morning, grooming took place on Inside Edge, The Goose and Easy Rider. Especially good skiing is expected on Allt Snechda and The Fairway. Outlook for the Week: As we head into the weekend excellent conditions are forecast with low winds and snow to fall consistently. Lower temperatures are expected throughout tomorrow. We are constantly checking and updating this forecast, please continue to check back for the most up to date information. The Mountain: At the Base Station, we have miles of walking and cycling trails you can follow starting from the car park. Also, at the Base Station you can find the Pinemarten Cafe Bar serving breakfast, lunch, cakes and refreshments - open from 9am-5pm, daily. Snowsports School and Equipment Hire You can reserve lessons and hire online, by phone and onsite. Snowsports Season Tickets Application form available online and from the main Ticket Office.


Current Weather WEATHER TOP STATION Light wind, snowy with poor visibility WIND AND TEMP 650m: SW 15-25mph, -2.5 C

Weather Forecast WEATHER FORECAST: Dry, snowy with poor visibility WIND AND TEMP 650M: SW 15-25mph, -2.5C

Lift Status

  • GondolaOpen
  • Rope TowOpen
  • Linnhe/Lochy ButtonOpen
  • Alpha ButtonOpen
  • Quad ChairClosed
  • Goose T-BarOpen
  • Summit ButtonClosed
  • Warren's T-BarClosed
  • Great Glen ChairClosed
  • Rob Roy T-BarClosed
  • Braveheart ChairClosed

Run Status

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Difficult
  • Very Difficult
  • Itineraires
  • SpectreClosed
  • SpiderClosed
  • Summit RunClosed
  • Side WinderOpen
  • Cats AlleyOpen
  • Inside EdgeOpen
  • Duncans DropOpen
  • Goose GullyOpen
  • LinkClosed
  • SwitchClosed
  • WarrensClosed
  • FlightClosed
  • Upper TraverseClosed
  • Nid RidgeClosed
  • Nid WallClosed
  • Far WestOpen
  • The FairwayOpen
  • Easy RiderClosed
  • Allt SnechdaOpen
  • Alpha TraverseOpen
  • Home RunOpen
  • YockiesOpen
  • Rabbit RunOpen
  • GlaistigOpen
  • AbhronClosed
  • Rope Tow RunOpen
  • Rob RoyClosed
  • Rob Roy's ReturnClosed
  • ChancerClosed
  • Back TrackClosed
  • Yellow BellyClosed
  • Winger WallClosed

News from the slopes

GONDOLA open from 9:30am - 5pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm Sat-Sun - weather permitting. THE PINEMARTEN CAFE BAR - Open daily from 9am - 5pm SNOWGOOSE RESTAURANT Open daily when gondola is open Events ** See website for full details of events **