What are both great in length and great in scenery? Scotland's Great Trails, of course! These long distance walking routes are fantastic for those who want to discover the country on foot.

Interesting facts

  • Each trail is distinctively waymarked, largely off-road and has a range of visitor services along the way. 
  • There are 26 different routes, collectively providing over 1,700 miles of well managed paths from the Borders to the Highlands.
  • The trails are at least 25 miles in length, with the longest, the Southern Upland Way, stretching 212 miles! If you are keen for a challenge, tackle the whole route in one go.
  • Even if you're not an avid walker, you can still enjoy the trails - they have sections which are suitable for multi-day outings and day trips. Take the family and tick off a bite-sized chunk of one of the routes, or do a bit each weekend.