Towering spires, thick stone walls and dramatic settings - whatever pops into your mind when you imagine a castle, you'll find it in Scotland. From magnificent city landmarks to mysterious ruins, Scotland is bursting with fascinating castles to visit. 

Castles through the ages

Dunnottar CastleDunnottar Castle, Aberdeenshire

Our castles are windows into the past. These amazing structures are scattered across the land, ranging from fascinating ruins to well-preserved gems. See a variety of different castles and get a vivid picture of Scotland from centuries ago to today. 

Ruined castles  

Some of Scotland's castles date as far back as the 13th century. Crumbling ruins tell us tales of intense clan rivalries and invasions from near and far, each providing a little insight into Scottish life way back when.

Check out some of these age-old beauties as you explore:

Medieval castles

Many of Scotland's most famous castles were built in the Medieval period or late Middle Ages. A few castles remain unchanged since those days, whilst others have been modernised and re-designed. You might spot some similarities between the castles with features such as tower houses, defensive ditches and stone walls frequently used in their designs. However, all Scottish castles are unique and were built depending on wealth and status at the time.

Check out these medieval gems:

Most famous castles

You don't have to be an avid castle hunter to know some of these famous fortresses. Some have provided the backdrops for bloody battles or famous films, a handful are still frequented by Royals and the odd few are still used as family homes, with a Duke or Duchess still residing, and all of them are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

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