If there's one thing we could really go on and on about, it's Scotland's history. But don't worry, it is certainly not boring - it's just that it stretches back thousands and thousands of years, meaning there is plenty to cover! Behind the famous buildings in Scotland there are some great stories - which hopefully you'll hear when you visit these Scottish heritage sites.

With centuries of fascinating history, famous Scottish buildings and historical attractions, who knows what you'll uncover as you explore Scotland's past? Stand in the shadow of ancient standing stones, climb to the turrets of a striking castle, enjoy the peace of a solitary abbey, sing along with old Scots songs or delve below the ground to find long-forgotten streets.

Famous Scottish Landmarks and Historic Monuments

From Edinburgh Castle to the Glenfinnan Monument, Scotland's landmarks entice visitors from near and far. Whether you want to photograph some castle ruins or climb to the top of a historic monument like The National Wallace Monument in Stirling, you are really spoilt for choice. Explore the links on this page for a taster of what you can expect.

Historic Buildings and Heritage Sites

Interested in taking a look round some the famous buildings in Scotland? Check out this blog on virtual tours of Scottish heritage sites, including castles, towers and brochs. Taking a virtual tour may inspire you to visit the real Scottish buildings. Did you know Scotland has 13 UNESCO World Heritage designations? These include the Heart of Neolithic Orkney and the Forth Bridge, which welcome visitors all year round.