Food and drink

Scottish Beer & Breweries

No matter what part of the country you choose to visit, you're never far from a good local beer!

Beer is pretty big business in Scotland. With more than 100 breweries operating across the country, the variety and quality of beer and ale being produced and served in Scotland's bars and pubs is greater than ever.

Take a brewery tour

See the beer-making process in action at a Scottish brewery. On a brewery tour you'll see the kit, discover the science behind the beer, and have the chance to put the end product to the taste test!

Fancy brewing your own?

Think you know what goes into a good beer? Why not take the chance to have a go at brewing your own beer and ale? Get help from expert brewers and produce your own hoppy delights at the likes of Drygate Brewery or Stewart Brewery's Craft Beer Kitchen, or become a 'Brewer for a Day' at Allanwater Brewhouse.

Beer festivals

'Beer' + 'festival' - if there's a better combination of words, we are yet to come across it. With all of Scotland's amazing ales, lagers, porters, IPAs, stouts and other innovative beer styles, it's no wonder we want to host an event or two to really shout about them.