Many people across the world are lucky enough to have ancestral ties to Scotland – are you one of them? Discover Scotland like your ancestors would have done, follow in their footsteps and uncover fascinating history and captivating stories.

Does your family have connections to one of Scotland’s well-known clans? Learn about where in Scotland the clans have their ancestral roots, or find which castles are connected to which clans and discover these stories for yourself. Plan the holiday of a lifetime where you can visit the towns, villages and streets where your Scottish ancestors would have once travelled. Or why not visit the variety of historic battlefields across the country, each offering a unique glimpse into the past?

But that’s not all – there are plenty great events and festivals with ancestral connections to enjoy, including clan gatherings and Highland games. And you can also trace your family tree through genealogy research and archives and uncover the many occupations that kept your ancestors busy.

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Whether you've got your full family history and ancestry traced, want to find out more, or simply feel a connection with Scotland, come and discover first-hand the spirit of Scotland and the fascinating ancestral experiences the country has to offer.