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Follow in your ancestors' footsteps
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Dunfermline Abbey, Fife
The burial place of Robert the Bruce.


Experience Scotland like your ancestors

Many people across the world are lucky enough to have ancestral ties to Scotland – are you one of them? Discover Scotland like your ancestors would have done, follow in their footsteps and uncover fascinating history and captivating stories.

Does your family have connections to one of Scotland’s well-known clans? Learn about where in Scotland the clans have their ancestral roots, or find which castles are connected to which clans and discover these stories for yourself. Plan the holiday of a lifetime where you can visit the towns, villages and streets where your Scottish ancestors would have once travelled. Or why not visit the variety of historic battlefields across the country, each offering a unique glimpse into the past?

But that’s not all – there are plenty great events and festivals with ancestral connections to enjoy, including clan gatherings and Highland games. And you can also trace your family tree through genealogy research and archives and uncover the many occupations that kept your ancestors busy.

Whether you've got your full family history and ancestry traced, want to find out more, or simply feel a connection with Scotland, come and discover first-hand the spirit of Scotland and the fascinating ancestral experiences the country to enjoy.

Ancestral Holiday Inspiration

Your Scottish ancestral journey starts now! Discover how your ancestors lived and follow in their footsteps as you explore Scotland. Find everything from historic castles and battlefields, museums, old Scots songs and history centres, to whisky and even the routes they would have travelled along, and soak up the fascinating atmosphere and history that each location offers.

Discover what life was like

There is nothing quite like the sense of touching the past than experiencing, first hand, what life would have been like for your ancestors. Learn more about the kinds of professions they had, the fascinating clan system, the Gaelic language and life in a traditional blackhouse and through exhibits at local history museums or on an ancestral tour across Scotland.

Connect with your fellow Scots

There are few better places to immerse yourself in Scottish culture than by attending one of our many unique events - from Highland games, many of which have clan connections, to traditional music events and understanding where your ancestors may have enjoyed them.

Tracing your family tree

There are lots of great resources available when looking to research your Scottish ancestry DNA. Get inspiration by checking out excellent online resources such as Scotlands' People, National Records of Scotland and the Highland Archive Centre and browse birth, death and marriage records. Or why not get expert advice from a geneaologist?