Though we haven't been able to explore our beautiful country for the last few months, nothing has been able to stop us from dreaming about the trips we want to take someday soon! With more information now available on what will open and at what stage, planning a trip within Scotland has moved a step closer.

We've got all the information you need on what each phase looks like and at what stage you'll be able to take a local trip or explore further. You can find out more about the current Covid-19 restrictions of Phase 3 and future phases.

When it comes to exploring Scotland, it's as much about the journey as the destination. You'll find that travelling to the main tourist spots is a piece of cake and, with a little careful planning, more remote areas are readily accessible too.

So, now to consider how you'll get around! Luckily, the country is well connected by an extensive road and rail transport network, with a variety of options available for getting from A to B. Public transport provides trains and bus services to Scottish towns and cities as well as many villages and ferry ports. Access to very remote areas and islands is straightforward by car, ferry and aeroplane.