Scotland's capital lives and breathes history - and we know you are itching to uncover its many secrets from the past! You might start by exploring historic castles and palaces and roaming ancient streets and wynds. Take a themed tour of the Old Town and uncover its unique character, formed by centuries of human inhabitation.

You're never far from a cultural attraction in Edinburgh. Perhaps you'll scale a monument dedicated to a wordsmith, admire traditional and contemporary artworks in galleries, see treasured wonders in museums or explore they city's many royal connections? You might even want to hop on a sightseeing bus to see them all!

There's always time for a bit of retail therapy on Princes Street or George Street. And the evenings? Well, they could be filled with night-time tours, musical or theatre performances, or finding your favourite dram in a charming whisky pub.

And then there's that extinct volcano to climb…

Arthur's Seat walkers