From the rolling hills and moorland in the west to the gentle valleys and picturesque Berwickshire coastline in the east, it is easy to see why Sir Walter Scott was so enamoured with this peaceful region that he chose to build his beloved house, Abbotsford here.

Walking in this enthralling landscape, you can't help but imagine yourself transported back to the bygone world of Scott's sweeping romantic epics filled with daring outlaws and damsels in distress.

Historic heartland

The Scottish Borders has a colourful past which belies its serene landscape. The many stately homes, haunting castles and four magnificent abbeys are testament to its rich and occasionally turbulent history.

This unique heritage is kept alive at these wonderfully preserved monuments and through time-honoured traditions like the Common Ridings, the oldest horse-riding festival in the world.

The perfect balance

Many retreat to the Scottish Borders for a gentler pace of life filled with revitalising outdoor pursuits and sports including fishing, golf and walking. But it's not all peace and quiet. Alongside these more sedate activities there is riveting mountain biking to be had at the two 7stanes centres as well as off-road quad biking, archery and tree-top adventures at Go Ape!

Natural larder

The region's picturesque rural setting and unspoilt coastline means that local chefs don't have to look far for sourcing tantalisingly fresh fruit and vegetables from nearby farms, succulent meats from locally-reared livestock and freshly-caught seafood.