It's lucky that the days are long in summer in Scotland -  there are so many exciting things to do that you'll need all the time you can get. Take a look at our summer holidays in Scotland ideas to get you started. Happy summer everyone!

Summer outdoor activities 

The mountains, rivers and golf courses are calling out 'come and play with us'. Nature has never been more playful, with birds touching down for their summer vacations and whales and dolphins cruising round the islands. The unspoilt white beaches of the Hebrides stretch out, waiting for the first footprint of the day.

Summer in Edinburgh

You can see a thousand shows at the world's largest arts festival in Edinburgh and still be crying out for more. Pop along to the farmers' market and grab some yummy local food - the parks are ready to be picnicked in. The clinking glasses and aromatic plates of city restaurants are spilling out into the street. Stop for a while, talk to friends and plan your long summer afternoon...