Guide to Wild Food Foraging in Scotland

Wild, foraged foods, once a widely available, healthy and free means of seasonal sustenance, are featuring more in popular TV cookery programmes and across social media these days, and as a result are appearing in more of our produce, restaurant dishes and home cooking.

But what delights in Scotland’s wild larder are there, when is best to forage for them, where can they be found, who can take you foraging for food and where can you eat foraged foods? Read on to learn more.

Craigies Fruit Farm

What is foraging?

By definition, foraging is the search for wild food, such as berries, seeds, edible plants etc. It’s more commonly a trait seen in wild animals, but was also a survival skill that our hunter gatherer ancestors had to master many centuries ago.

Wild food foraging in Scotland

Discover more about what you can forage in the wild in Scotland.

Taste Scotland's foraged food

Foraged foods are increasingly finding their way into some of Scotland’s finest produce. Using them enhances their unique flavour and adds a real dash of local authenticity. Here are just a few examples.

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