Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to conquer Scotland's Munros, a list of Scottish mountains over 3,000 ft (914.4 m), which are named after Sir Hugh T Munro, who surveyed and catalogued them in 1891. Climbing these peaks is a great way for experienced walkers to explore some of Scotland's finest scenery and further-flung locations.

The highest Munro is Ben Nevis at 4,411 ft (1,345 m), though there are lower, but arguably more challenging Munros to climb, such as the 12 airy peaks of the Black Cuillin on Skye and the UK mainland's narrowest ridge walk - the Aonach Eagach - in Glen Coe.

There are in total 282 Munros across Scotland. Work your way through the list climbing all of the peaks - a popular pastime known as Munro bagging and over 6,000 people, called 'compleatists' (or Munroists) have climbed them all so far. If you're wondering about the spelling above, it's an archaic, though we think cute version of 'complete' which all adds to the tradition of the pursuit. It's also a pastime to savour, however, if you're a mountain goat and want to challenge the quickest round record, set by Munroist Stephen Pyke in 2010, you'll have just 39 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes!