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Scottish Geology Festival: Bringing Scotland’s Landscape to Life

The stunning Scottish landscape has been shaped by the elements over many millennia and has attracted visitors for centuries. But why is the scenery so special? Why is Lewis gneiss (pardon the geologists’ joke!)? And why were Lochaber’s ‘Parallel Roads’ so intriguing to Charles Darwin?

We’d need to travel many millions, even billions of years back in time to answer these questions. Or you could just come along to the Scottish Geology Festival from 1 September – 9 October!

What is the Scottish Geology Festival?

Organised by the Scottish Geology Trust, the festival offers a varied programme that explain why Scotland’s landscape is so unique and fascinating.

What’s on for 2022?

The festival will tell the stories of Scotland’s rocks and landscapes.

Events will range from coastal walks and fossil hunting, to online and in-person talks.

You will explore extinct volcanoes in Edinburgh and the UNESCO Global Geopark in the North West Highlands. You’ll encounter evidence of ancient tropical seas and coral reefs in Fife, and learn how the ice age helped shaped Scotland’s incredible landforms.

Find out more

The events for this year’s festival will be confirmed soon.

Check out the Scottish Geology Festival 2022 website for the latest news and events information