ChatGPT vs VisitScotland

Alasdair Peoples ·junio 01, 2023Tiempo de lectura: 5 minutos

We put one of our plucky writers up against an AI bot to see who could give you the best Scottish holiday tips. Who would pick the best beach? Who knows their castles from their palaces? Find out as Alasdair takes on ChatGPT.

Dunnottar Castle

El Castillo de Dunnottar, Stonehaven

© VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

The Challenge

The Contenders

Best beaches in Scotland?

Best Castles in Scotland?

Alasdair's thoughts on ChatGPT

This was a fun task and I think there are a few key takeaways. 

ChatGPT's analysis of Alasdair

I asked ChatGPT what it thought of my writing... 

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