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Whisky Distilleries in Campbeltown

Although Campbeltown is Scotland's smallest whisky-producing region, consisting of just three distilleries (in its heyday there were more than 30), its single malts boast unique characteristics that are considered by serious malt lovers to represent a distinct region in its own right. The distilleries that survive today produce some of the finest malts you're likely to find; they have a devoted following and are much loved worldwide.

Springbank malts are robust and smoky with hints of their maritime roots. Glen Scotia malts are lighter with grassy notes. Glengyle's Kilkerran malts are lighter and sweeter, but with the distinctive oily and salty notes you'd expect from a Campbeltown whisky. 

Campbeltown whiskies in a nutshell

  • Number of distilleries: 3
  • Oldest distillery: Springbank (1828)
  • Most popular distillery: Springbank
  • Flavour profile: fruity, peaty, sweet, smoky

Where is the Campbeltown whisky region?

Campbeltown is the main town in the remote and stunning Kintyre Peninsula in west Argyll. Sandwiched between the isles of Islay and Arran, it's not too far from Glasgow as the crow flies, but actually quite a long 140-mile drive via the A82 and the A83, through some remarkable Argyll scenery, which makes the journey very worthwhile.

The town is served by twice daily Loganair flights from Glasgow to nearby Campbeltown Airport. Our Campbeltown page provides more information about the town and the lovely Kintyre Peninsula surrounding it.  

Campbeltown Whisky Characteristics

Campbeltown's coastal location helps to shape its whiskies' characteristics and the malts produced here are fiercely enduring and distinctive. You can detect notes of sea salt on the nose and a briny taste on the palate, while smoke, fruit, vanilla and toffee flavours are also embraced in the various malts of Campbeltown.

Campbeltown distilleries

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