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Shetland Isles
Shetland Islands

Bakka is a remote croft on the west coast of mainland Shetland. I have a small flock of black Shetland sheep which enjoys the mixed coastal grazing. I am careful to undergraze the land to allow the flora and fauna to flourish. A few rare flowers grow at Bakka, in particular the lovely field gentian, and the land is home to many different amber-listed waders. A visit to Bakka would allow you to get very close to my sheep (and lambs in the summer months) and you could look for flowers and enjoy the bird song. I also 'work' the peats and my banks are on top of the hill behind Bakka. You can see the store of dry peats in my shed and learn about the different qualities. And a short walk to the top of the cliffs would yield spectacular views.


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