Bring your appetite to Scotland; our food is amazing. But how do you know where to eat and what you're eating? Look for places which are part of Taste Our Best - it's a new quality assurance scheme that ensures you always get the best of our food and drink!

What does Taste Our Best mean?

  • Quality ingredients of Scottish provenance
  • Fresh, seasonal produce
  • Local food
  • Food miles kept to a minimum
  • Info on where your food has come from
  • Friendly staff who will know all about the origins of the food on your plate
  • At least 40 percent of the Scottish produce will be highlighted on your menu

Where to find Taste Our Best establishments

Look out for the distinctive purple badge at a whole variety of food and drink outlets. It's not just the country's top restaurants that are proudly displaying this badge on their windows. Delightful bistros, cosy pubs, aromatic coffee houses, fascinating visitor attractions, convenient carry outs, and homely guest houses and B&Bs are also dedicated to providing fresh and locally sourced produce, and they want you to know about it!

Find accredited outlets across Scotland