Find out how to easily identify the best food and drink businesses in Scotland with Taste Our Best.

What is Taste Our Best?

Taste Our Best helps you identify the best food and drink businesses.

Businesses get this award if they use:

  • Quality Scottish ingredients
  • Fresh, seasonal produce
  • Local food

And if they:

  • Keep food miles to a minimum
  • Provide info on where your food has come from
  • Have friendly staff who know all about the origins of the food on your plate
  • Highlight at least 40 percent of the Scottish produce on your menu

How to find Taste Our Best businesses

Look out for the purple badge when you're out and about in Scotland.

Taste Our Best is given to food & drink businesses - this could be a restaurant, a café inside a visitor attraction, a B&B or the food service onboard a ferry.

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