It doesn’t take long to realise that music is the beating heart of this city. Get ready for a warm welcome from half a million residents who have access to over 100 music events every week. You’ll soon discover that music can do much more than simply put a smile on your face.

Glasgow is a vibrant city with a legendary music scene across a variety of venues, that stretches across the whole spectrum from contemporary to classical, and Celtic to country. It’s famed for the enthusiasm and energy of its audiences, which is no surprise when you hear it’s regularly voted one of the friendliest cities in the world.

Map of Glasgow UNESCO City of Music
  • Scotland’s cultural hub.

Discover why Glasgow is so special

There’s no real substitute for the magic of a live event, whether you end up tapping your foot to a Scottish ceilidh band in a traditional pub, feeling the swell of a world-class orchestra at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, or waving your hands around to a major international act at The OVO Hydro arena. We’d recommend taking in each and every musical experience you can soak up in Glasgow, with music tours to join, architecture to admire, and record shops to browse.

There is a large clock at The OVO Hydro just before the stage which says 'It’s time to meet the best fans in the world.'”
Debbie, SEC

Explore the local area

Glasgow’s grassroots music scene is just like the city itself. A welcoming, co-operative and vibrant place, where anyone can stand side by side and make a personal connection through a shared love of music. However big the venue you choose, sit back and take your time to soak up the sounds of music and conversation as they grow around you.

Sustainable local businesses

These Green Tourism businesses are assessed on everything from energy efficiency to biodiversity and awarded bronze, silver or gold.

We want Scotland's UNESCO Trail to be an opportunity to explore the country in a sustainable and responsible way.

How to get here

When you arrive in the city, there are plenty of ways to explore. You can easily explore the city centre on foot or take the bus or train around the city to travel further. But the best option is the Subway, the city’s underground metro system. It’s known in Glasgow as ‘the Clockwork Orange’ as it circles the city.

There are also over 800 Ovo Bikes available for hire in Glasgow at 79 different locations. Check out the Ovo Bikes Green Route for a curated cycle route around some of the city’s sustainable businesses.

Find out more on getting to and around Glasgow

A tunnel with a train on the right tracks inside Glasgow Subway
Inside the Glasgow Subway

Experience more UNESCO sites

Make Glasgow part of a longer trip - we can help you plan a trip to all of the UNESCO sites in the local area, including New Lanark and the Antonine Wall.

UNESCO Sites to Explore in Central West Scotland

In central west Scotland you have three UNESCO sites to discover - the Antonine Wall, New Lanark and Glasgow, City of Music.

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Learn more about the UNESCO Trail

Glasgow is now one of 19 UNESCO cities of music in Europe and 47 across the world on the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This network enables Glasgow’s world class music to be advocated for internationally and places Glasgow at the heart of global musical discussion and promotion.

Read more about Scotland's UNESCO Trail and watch UNESCO: Explained video

Find out more from UNESCO about Glasgow City of Music

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Every UNESCO designation tries to include the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their work.


An urgent call for action from a global partnership of countries.

Recognise that ending poverty and other deprivations comes from strategies to:

  • improve health and education
  • reduce inequality
  • encourage economic growth
  • tackle climate change

Check out all the UN Sustainable Development Goals

A woman tour guide explains something to a man, standing outside of a shop
A Glasgow Music City Tours guide


Here’s how Glasgow is working towards three of the goals.

Goal 3

Good Health & Wellbeing

Music is used as a tool for health and well-being from inclusive contemporary music ensemble, Sonic Bothy, to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall’s dementia-friendly and education concerts.

Goal 4

Quality Education

The Glasgow City Council CREATE initiative provides opportunities for children and young people to gain experience in performance ensembles, bands and choirs.

Goal 8

Decent work & economic growth

Music tourism is key for Glasgow’s night-time economy, creating a range of career opportunities for young people who come to study or live in the city.

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